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Long overdue thanks to Bolton’s millworkers
Decades after Bolton’s last working mill closed its doors, those who dedicated their lives do Bolton’s textile industry will be honoured at a special ceremony.
A Millworkers Thanksgiving Service, thought to be the first of its kind in Greater Manchester, will be held at Bolton Parish Church at 3pm on Sunday, January 20.
The event has been organised by the Mayor of Bolton, Cllr Elaine Sherrington, as a celebration of millworkers’ lives and to give thanks to the men, women and children whose hard work helped make Bolton a prosperous and vibrant industrial town.
The service will be open to the public and former millworkers are especially welcome.
Cllr Sherrington, a former millworker herself, said: “Bolton as we know it today simply would not exist without the millworkers who endured long hours in difficult conditions.
“The textile industry put our town on the map and this service will be an opportunity to thank our predecessors for their hard work and sacrifices.
“I’m especially looking forward to welcoming former millworkers and hearing about their experiences during the final days of Bolton’s textile mills.”
Bolton has a long history of textile production and innovation, including Samuel Crompton’s invention of the spinning mule which helped revolutionise cotton production.
After an industrial boom in the mid Nineteenth Century, the textile industry in Bolton employed 36,000 people by 1911.
As the textile industry declined, the last of the mills began to close in the late 1970s.
To complement the service, the church will host an open day and exhibition on Saturday, January 19 from 10am to 3pm.
The exhibition will explore the lives of millworkers to give visitors an idea of what it was like to work in the textile trade during the industrial revolution.
The public can also enjoy panoramic views of Bolton from the church tower where illustrative maps will highlight how the town would have looked during the height of textile production.
Free refreshments will be available on both the Saturday and Sunday.
Executive Cabinet Member for Strategic Housing, Cllr Martin Donaghy, said: “The work of the mills also supported the coal mining and engineering industries which are such important aspects of our local heritage.
“While mill owners and industrialists are often remembered with portraits and statues, the endeavours of ordinary workers are often overlooked.
“This is long overdue recognition of working men and women who helped build this town.”
The service will feature readings, reflections on mill life and hymns.
The Vicar of Bolton, Revd Canon Dr Chris Bracegirdle, added: “The Mayor has rightly recognised the debt Bolton owes to those thousands of men, women and children from this and other countries who, for generations, worked in mills in our town.
“I'm delighted that there is to be a service of thanksgiving for their work and where better than Bolton Parish Church where Samuel Crompton, the Bolton born inventor and spinning pioneer was married and is buried?”
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3 weeks ago

Here 4 You! magazine

Global Interiors
We were broken into on Christmas Day. The theives calmly looked in every window, picked what they wanted, and between 6pm and 7.30pm smashed our windows, and took 2 very large lamps. They then ran off down Blackburn Road (A666) from our store towards Asda. Please share, name and shame if you can. We have 2 further videos being prepared which we will upload shortly. One of our staff members had to leave their family party and spent 2 hours cleaning up the mess and securing the window, We are fairly sure the theives will be back to do some more "Christmas shopping" so lets catch them before they do. Thank you friends xx
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3 weeks ago

Here 4 You! magazine

Please share and help catch these scumbags

Global Interiors
The final of 3 videos showing the theives taking the lamps. Theses are distinctive, and very large. There are cars going past, so we're really hoping that someone knows something and we get a result. Come on facebook friends, lets find them before they ruin someone elses Christmas!
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4 weeks ago

Here 4 You! magazine

Thousands up in smoke as court hands out shisha fines
The owners of two Bolton shisha cafés have been fined for flouting smoking laws.
Both Zakaria Amenjee and Alla Al-Sabie were found guilty of breaching the Health Act 2006 when they appeared at Bolton Magistrates’ Court this week.
The act prohibits smoking in an area which has a roof or ceiling, unless at least half the wall space is open.
The court heard how council enforcement officers discovered smoke upon entering Hookah Pani Shisha Café in St Helens Road.
The owner, Zkaria Amenjee, claimed the café was not open for business despite two males openly smoking shisha pipes using lit charcoal.
Officers also discovered 25 tubs of different flavoured shisha as well as a till in the back kitchen.
A full inspection of the premises revealed it was substantially enclosed.
Amenjee was fined £500 and ordered to pay £600 in court costs along with a £50 victim surcharge.
A further council inspection of Taboosh in Bank Street revealed a dozen customers smoking shisha while a range of hot food and drink was being served in a bar area.
These premises were also found to be substantially enclosed.
Business owner Alla Al-Sabie was fined £750 and must also pay £925 in costs and a £75 surcharge.
Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Nick Peel, said:
“These convictions send a clear message to business owners that breaches of the law will not be tolerated.
“The 2006 ban was brought in to protect the public from the harmful effects of inhaling smoke in an enclosed space and no business is exempt from these regulations.
“These two owners have been handed a significant financial penalty and I’m sure it will make others think twice before flouting the rules.”
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Christmas spirt: Logistics North hosts hamper HQ

A unit at Logistics North, in Bolton, will once again serve as the distribution headquarters for Urban Outreach’s huge Christmas hamper appeal.

Urban Outreach chief executive Dave Bagley and his army of volunteers have pooled together donations to make up 1,300 hampers for families in need.

The items will be sorted and packed in one of the new Multiply Phase 2 units at Logistics North, the North West’s largest business park just off Junction 4 of the M61, in Over Hulton.

Last year, the charity used the business park as a base for finishing off the hampers and this year they are using a 24,636 sq ft unit for their full mammoth packing and distribution feat.

Harworth Group, owners of Logistic North, stepped in after an appeal for help from Bolton Council last year.

And they have once again offered a unit free of charge for the Christmas period.

Deputy Leader of Bolton Council, Cllr Ebrahim Adia, said: “It is great to see local businesses, charities and generous donors working together to help the community at this special time of year.

“This is Team Bolton really coming together to help people in need and it shows true Christmas spirit.”

The operation to start the packing began on Monday (December 17), with Urban Outreach supported by staff from Seddons.

Goodies in the hampers will include: Christmas pudding; mince pies; cheese; chocolate; crisps, fizzy drinks, biscuits; cranberry sauce; chicken and all the trimmings. Also included are crackers, a baking tray and recipes. A vegetarian option is also available.

The hampers will be finished on December 22 with the fresh meat added in on Christmas Eve at 6am.

Mr Bagley said: “This is the most extravagant act of giving kindness in Bolton in the year.

“This is thousands of people saying I am thinking of you. It shakes the foundations of our town.

“This is a mammoth task and using this unit for all our packing makes things so much easier for us and it’s mint that Harworth are helping us out again.

“There are just so many people to thank, from the organisations who nominate and give their time and support in kind, everyone who donates and support, to the brilliant volunteers who help pack and deliver.

“Most of these hampers will go to those who are needy and struggling financially but around 300 will go to families who have just had a horrible year due to a sadness or a loss.

“This is a gift to say you’re in the hearts and thoughts of people in Bolton.”

The hampers will be enjoyed by 2,171 children along with 1,981 adults thanks to everyone’s combined efforts.

People in need are nominated to receive the hampers, which cost around £60 each, by organisations such as churches and community groups.

Organisations who have nominated people will deliver the hampers directly on Christmas Eve.

The Mayor of Bolton, Cllr Elaine Sherrington, went along on Tuesday to help pack some hampers and will also be personally delivering two hampers.

She said: “It is just incredible. Everyone coming together to do this for people in need is what Christmas is all about.

“Urban Outreach have been doing this for seven years now to give people, in need, in our town a Christmas they can enjoy.

“I would like to thank Dave and absolutely everyone involved.”

Iain Thomson, Associate Director at Harworth Group plc, added: “Urban Outreach continues to do fantastic things for the people of Bolton and when Dave approached us again to use Logistics North as their Christmas operations’ base we were more than happy to oblige.

“I have also been hugely impressed by Seddon’s continued support for them and the response of businesses and local people to supply hamper contents.

“Thousands of people will directly benefit, and we wish the charity well on what will be another mammoth effort this Christmas!

“Their operation is a staggering one and showcases the best of community spirit, and we are pleased to be making a small contribution to their 2017 effort.”

Organisations who have helped the campaign include: Bolton Council; Bolton at Home; Seddons; Keoghs; Asda; Bolton Wanderers Trust; schools, and churches.
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